Club 1 Diabetes initiates support for lifetime management of Type1 Diabetes


Club 1 Diabetes is an online and offline support community consisting of members who have a condition of Type1 Diabetes, the community answers as an aid to the anguished calls of people who live a life with this chronic condition of Diabetes. 

Type1 Diabetes which was once known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes is a condition which has no cure till date. The Treatment focuses on managing blood sugar levels with insulin, diet and lifestyle to prevent complications.

Nupur Lalvani the founder of the support group was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes at the early age of 8. Type1 Diabetes changed her life but with her persistent courage and also the support of her affectionate family, she was able to tackle the obstacles that came about with the condition from childhood.

The social stigma that associates with Diabetes in the society makes the condition furthermore heavy for a person suffering with it. There is a need for the people with the condition to talk openly on their daily struggles to cope up with their deficiencies in accordance to the normal crowd. There are lot of people who are not fortunate as Lavani in terms of money and resources, the awareness on how to tackle the condition with diet and lifestyle is to be spread for their better living.

The technology around managing the disease has improved dramatically through time. Glucose monitoring systems help people with the condition to monitor their blood sugar levels more effectively. Club 1 Diabetes being a community that allows people to share their thoughts & feelings, stories, mutual interests and coping strategies openly amongst themselves proves to be of great relief to their daily struggles and gives the members a hope towards pursuing larger dreams.

The community also envisions that they can help make diabetes management technology more accessible to people in remote towns and villages when possible. The community is an example and a source of hope for better living to people who suffer from modern day incurable conditions. Support groups of the same order will prove to be of great relief to millions of people like Nupur all around the world not just in coping with the condition but also by achieving greater fulfilment in all aspects of life.

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