10 kidnapped children found dead in Tanzania, body parts missing


DODOMA: Ten children, who were kidnapped in December were found dead with mutilated body parts on Monday.

Tanzania’s deputy health minister Faustine Ndugulile said that all 10 children had been missing since December in southwest Tanzania's Njombe district.

As per the report, the bodies of the children were found last week after police launched a search operation in the area.

"So far, we have found 10 bodies, and most of their private parts and teeth had been removed," deputy health minister Nduguille said.

"These murders are linked to witchcraft practices because that is the trend for such crimes, where herbalists ask people to get these human parts for money rituals," he added.

According to the report, the children, some as young as seven years old and had been kidnapped from their homes in December, last year.

“Many children have been reported missing by their parents in the community since December. The health ministry was also investigating the wave of killings”, said Ndugulile.

"We want to identify the perpetrators, but our focus is to educate the traditional practitioners in the area quickly and those in surrounding communities on the need to stop these acts," he added.

"These murders are not linked to albino killings. But it is very sad because they are children and they don't deserve to be used like this," Nduguille stated.

He also dismissed the prospects of the killings linked with albino ritual murders which are prevalent in Tanzania and other East African countries.

According to Amnesty International, despite its prevalence, there's still a lack of education and tolerance and albinos are regularly killed for their bones and organs, which are sold to witch doctors for "charms and magical potions".


With inputs from CNN

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