Boris Johnson wins UK General Election on Brexit point


LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s gamble of calling an election to get the Brexit done has paid off with his party winning the UK General Election with a comfortable majority.


Political analysts view the mandate as a victory for his "Get Brexit Done" message and added that it would set the UK on course to leave the European Union (EU) in the New Year.

Johnson, who won his own seat in London's Uxbridge and South Ruislip, hailed the win for his Conservative Party as a powerful new mandate to move forward with his deal to leave the 28-member economic bloc.

By Friday morning in Britain, Johnson's Conservative Party had secured a majority of the 650 seats in the House of Commons. The party has ended with 364 seats as against 203 seats bagged by the opposition Labour party.

The Conservatives secured 43.6 percent of the popular vote while the Labour collected 32.2 percent. That 11.3 percentage point margin was also the largest for the Tories since 1987 — a dramatic shift from 2017, when Labour lost the popular vote by just 2.4 percent, a New York Times report said.

The result has dealt a big blow to his main competitor, Jeremy Corbyn, who has declared his decision to quit the position in the party. “It has been a very disappointing night for Labour... I will not lead the party in any future General Election campaign, said Corbyn.

Political analysts has blamed Corbyn’s failure to take a clear stance on Brexit as well as counter growing allegations of anti-semitism within the party ranks for the crushing defeat the Labour has suffered.

A perceived anti-India stance since the party passed an emergency motion calling for international intervention in Kashmir is also likely to have swayed some of its traditional connect with Indian diaspora voters, according to a report in Money Control.

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