Pakistan has made terrorism a state policy, says VP Naidu


ASUNCION: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said, India wants to have good relationships with all its neighbours but Pakistan has made terrorism a kingdom policy.


He was interacting with the Indian community at Paraguay.

“We want to have good relations, including with all our neighbours. Former late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said you can change friends, but you can't change your neighbour. Keeping that in mind we are trying our best,” VP Naidu said.

“However, one of our neighbours has made terrorism a country policy. They are helping, funding and training terrorists. Time and again, they have been persuaded, they make public commitments, but never stop funding terrorism,” he added.

Naidu dubbed terrorism as an enemy of humanity and stated:

"Terrorism has no religion. It is mad and bad. It should be eliminated from the globe. This is possible only when the complete international community comes together.”

He stated that India is able to fight with the terrorist on its own.

“We do not want any kind of support to combat terror in India. We are capable for that. Recently, we have proved our capacity. When they attacked and killed 40 CRPF soldiers, the response was given. IAF not attacked army in Pakistan, didn't harm a single citizen and exactly hit the goal,” Naidu said.

The vice president also hit out at the opposition parties for questioning the outcome of air strike and said:

“Now the discussion is going about casualties, earlier, home Minister recommended that if anyone has doubts, they can go to Pakistan and inquire Pakistan authorities. We don't want war, but can't be a silent spectator to nonsense going on for a war”.

The vice president is on a two-day visit to the Latin American country.

He met with the President of the Republic of Paraguay, H.E. Mario Abdo Benítez, the Vice President, H.E. Hugo Velázquez, and the President of the countrywide Congress (Senate), H.E. Silvio Ovelar.

Both sides agreed that terrorism posed a grave hazard to global peace and stability.


With inputs from ANI

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