From the world of book fair 2018, author speaks for the writer in you: Interview with Smita Maheswari


To all the readers who strongly aspires to become a writer in your life. Here are some truly inspiring words from the author of   ‘At crossroads’, a book born in 2018. “World Book fair, 2018 was a wonderful experience, I met many new people, made new friends, found new opportunities and of course my book found buyer s and readers” Smita Maheswari, the author of ‘At cross roads ‘said.


This book was inspired by a story told to her by her friend. Romantic relationships are difficult, there is lot of heartbreak and disappointments involved. The book explores human psyche in various relationships to unravel the reasons why people make certain choices in life and behave in a certain manner.

She is a gold medalist in English literature and has been working with children nearly all her life. Her interactions with them given her valuable insights into the working of the human psyche and emotions and the focus that influences our choices in life and impact our decision making abilities.

One of the most important obligations has really been her duties as a counselor. She enjoys helping her pupils understand themselves, their abilities, their strengths and weakness, limitless possibilities and impacts of their decisions and helping them make the right choices for themselves.

“Well, if you do not have any goals or expectation, then every day brings surprise, every day is a new day, every moment – a wonder!! But if you have expectations of how your life should be then every person who is different from you become your enemy. That’s what is happening these days, people have started believing what they think or feel is the absolute and only truth. ’’ she opined about life.

There’s a world within us, rich and vibrant, a world of lovers, poets and   men of imagination; escape to it every now and then for all your answers. When words took us to ours self, its beauty is mystery. When it’s came out in the form of a book, It’s more beautiful. Reading a book will take us to travel around the world and Writing is an art of responsibility.

“Read books that will tell you something about yourself, which will help you grow as a person. Don’t fill your minds and heart with trash.

Writers are artists with pen. Sophocles had said the purpose of art is to cleanse the soul of all baser emotions, so that it becomes more accepting of the diversity of thoughts and ideologies. To all the writers, I would only say that our writing is the legacy we are going to leave for the future generation. We will be known for the work we do, so if you do a work of art-paintings to be legends then produce good work, works of social and psychological relevance ,’’ she opined.

She is basically a classics reader, who likes reading books with substance and richness of language. She loves reading Paulo Coelho, Rumi, Saki and lot of non-fiction on spirituality and psychology.

It is always a matter of choice whether a reader should prefer e-books or paperback. Some people prefer the smell and the feel of paper. “I personally prefer e-books – they are easy to carry anywhere and take less storage space’’. The author opined her view on the rivalry between e-books and paperback.

While discussing about how to make a spark in once writings, she opined that A person who is a good observer, sensitive, imaginative and have creative instincts in order to create a work of art- painting, music, stories can easily pen down their emotions. But if one is logical, analytical, practical, then they can write non fictions like journals, essays and articles. Everything under the stars are deserved to be recorded. So topics are not an issue. All you want is just to start and write without a cause.

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