Get floral fashion right


NEW DELHI : When it comes to fashion, floral designs are making big waves. But there are basic things you need to keep in mind to ace it, say experts.

Designers Anand Saraf and Megha Jain Madhan share some tips:
* Floral designs are best suited on pastels and nude colours.
* Go for a minimalist looks with your floral embroidery pieces.
* Add a silver accessory to your floral pieces for classic look.
* Outfits with floral designs are best suited for a day-wear.
* Try different silhouettes with drapes and locate your floral embroidery differently.
* Try floral fashion on different fabrics such as chiffon or neoprene or satin.
* Give a twist to floral fashion by using floral embroideries done by metal.
* Opt for nude footwear with you floral ensemble.

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