Pune’s Hadapsar Flyover gets a classy makeover


PUNE: Principal Global Services, partnered with Jumbish Creations, an artists’ consortium, to transform the Hadapsar Flyover, one of Pune’s busiest flyovers, into a work of art.

The project-a green haven under the Hadapsar flyover spreading across 28000 sq. ft., is one of the largest flyover art installations in India, supporting the government initiative of Swachh Bharat. Mrs. Amruta Devendra Fadnavis formally inaugurated the art installation, ‘Vatachhaya’ today.

The pillars of the flyover have been masked to look like large banyan trees providing shade. The ceiling forms a green canopy. While the objective of the art project is to spread the message of saving greenery in the urban landscape, Principal has also kept an equal focus on the aesthetics, to accentuate the social message.

Kaushik Majumdar, Managing Director of Principal, said, “We, at Principal believe ‘common good is more important than individual gain’. Hence, Corporate Social Responsibility is an important mission that is at the heart of everything we do and think. Swachh Bharat or Clean India is an important pillar of our CSR strategy, and we decided to take it a step ahead by involving ourselves in enhancing the visual aesthetics of the community. This aesthetic makeover will instill a sense of pride for those who are directly impacted and will also motivate the masses to maintain and keep the space clean.

“The Hadapsar flyover art installation is leveraging PM Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan programme and acts as a catalyst. With the proactive measures of the Government, backed by progressive corporates like Principal, we should be able to contribute towards dignifying the lives of the citizens. Initiatives like converting space under the flyovers into the landscape of an artwork can ensure cleanliness, while adding beauty to the city. I am glad to be a part of this initiative, and I am confident that such efforts will prove fruitful in keeping the smart city of Pune cleaner,” said Amruta Devendra Fadnavis.

In order to spread the message on beauty and cleanliness, the flyover was the best choice as the entire project intends that a piece of art will be less prone to becoming dirty as people would avoid throwing garbage or spitting, which is otherwise a high possibility under a flyover. The entire project has been created by local artists and artisans - giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent at a visible location, while generating employment opportunities for them.


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