Scholarships As Solution For Education Of Students In Crisis


Education in India has been the point of gripping political, social and academic debate for centuries.


Gross enrollment ratios and dropout rates are not what they used to be in the early independence times. Still, there are sections of society which still have a long way to go before finding means of quality education. Accessibility to education for students in crisis has not gained the kind of attention which it deserves.

Students in Crisis – The Facts

In an independent research Prof.PremchandDommaraju of NTU, Singapore; states that over two-thirds of students living in one person households (OPH) have no access to education as compared to the students in multi-person households. Another similar research conducted by UN, UNICEF, OECD, DHS and World Bank mentions that over a 10% on Indian students have terminally ill parents. It is such marginalized sections of society which are not able to gain any attention from the mainstream economy.

Scholarships as a solution for the education of students in crisis

Scholarships for education of children in crisis can help in changing this situation. In times when household expenditure on education is rising, these programs can bring about the necessary revolution in education statistics of the nation. Many generous institutions in India like Tata Trusts, CRY, Smile Foundation, Buddy4Study India Foundation have been running scholarship programs to aid students in crisis for their quality education. Here we have provided you with a list of some scholarships specifically designed to help students rise above their unintended fate.

Dr BR & CR Shetty Scholarship for Academic Excellence

This scholarship is principally aimed to provide financial aid for students of medical science in selected regions of India. But, the scholarship has a separate preference-based selection process for students in crisis. This scholarship program’s crisis eligibility emphasizes mainly on social calamities of students. The BR & CR Shetty foundation serves financial aid in the form of scholarships to the children who are wards of beedi workers or have a terminally ill parent(s).

Eligibility: Students pursuing Medical and Allied Health Sciences courses in 1st year or 2nd Year of B.Sc. (3 Year course) or 1st year of Diploma (2-year course)

Crisis Eligibility: Students supported by single parents. Wards of Beedi Workers or terminally ill parents suffering from Cancer, HIV, Endosulphan poisoning. Students who are differently abled or live in a family with more than 3 children.

Awards: Rs 60000 per scholar for academic expenses

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