Congress report calls JNU Vice Chancellor mastermind behind the mob attack


NEW DELHI: A fact finding committee of the Congress has held the JNU administration and the Delhi cops responsible for the attack on students and teachers on January 5.


According to an NDTV report, the report has singled out Vice Chancellor Jagadeesh M Kumar as the "mastermind" behind the mob attack and called for his immediate dismissal. The detailed document released on Sunday afternoon accused Delhi Police of allowing attackers to move freely around the campus.

The party alleged that the Vice Chancellor's actions "point to connivance and complicity with the attackers" and said he had allowed "meticulous infiltration of the attackers” into the university campus and called for his immediate dismissal.

The Congress's report said that the lapses in campus security allowed weapon-wielding goons to enter and carry out the violence, which was "pre-meditated, pre-planned and targeted violence to intimidate fear in students and faculty".

The report pointed to discrepancies between the university's official statement on the violence and that released by the cops; according to the report JNU officials called the cops at about 4.30 pm, but the cops said there were only allowed to enter at about 7.45 pm.

Delhi Police have filed multiple FIRs so far, but only one of these is linked to the violence on the evening of January 5 and no arrests have been made, so far, in that case.

The other FIRs - filed in quick succession around the time the attack was taking place - name student union leader Aishe Ghosh and several others in connection with the alleged vandalism and violence at the university's computer server room.

The Congress report cast suspicion over the server room episode itself. It said it "reeks of mala fides" and pointed to a statement issued by the Vice Chancellor that said the server room was functioning on January 4, the day it was allegedly vandalised.

The report pointed out that the Vice Chancellor took advantage of the disconnection of the server to prevent a recording of CCTV footage to protect the attackers and (let them) go about their business without any record.

The Congress also questioned the disconnection of street lamps during the attack, something which those who were attacked have alleged was a deliberate ploy to offer their assailants cover to perpetrate the violence and safely leave.

Image Credit: NDTV

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