Congress to protest against demonetisation on its second anniversary


NEW DELHI: The Congress will conduct a nation- wide protest on Friday, asking Narendra Modi government to apologise for demonetisation that shivered the economy. 


The nation is celebrating the second anniversary of note ban on November 8. Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari told media that, none of the objectives put by Narendra Modi government at the time of demonetisation is satisfied yet. “Two years ago, the Prime Minister announced demonetisation and gave three reasons for it - to curb black money, weed out fake notes and proscribe terror funding. Two years later, none of those objectives has materialised”, said Tewari.

He also added that “there is more money in circulation now than it was two years ago when Modi announced demonetisation”.

The Congress leader asked Modi to apologise to people on November 8 for his ‘Tughlaqian decree’, on the second anniversary of demonetisation which resulted in the ban of 1,000- and 500-rupee notes.

He announced that the Congress leaders will come to the streets and protest against the “complete demolition of the Indian economy by this Tughlaqian decree of demonetisation”.

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