Delhi’s air quality continues to ‘very poor’, rain fails to wash away pollutants


NEW DELHI: The national capital witnessed light rain and a strong surface wind blew on Thursday, even though it failed to wash away the pollutants in the surrounding region.

On Wednesday, the national capital witnessed a light rain, thunderstorm and gusty winds and the experts had predicted the improvement of air quality in the coming few days due to strong surface winds.

Meanwhile, even after the rain, there is no improvement in air quality and it continued to ‘very poor’ category.

“The overall air quality in Delhi is ‘very poor’, it’s not improved as rain was not sufficient enough and wind speed was moderate. In the coming three days there will not be any improvement and it will oscillate between the ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’ category”, SAFAR said.

The Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 level was recorded at 60. While the PM 10 was docking at 119.

An AQI between 0-50 is considered as “good”, 51-100 as “satisfactory”, 101-200 as “moderate”, 201-300 as “poor”, 301- 400 as “very poor”, and 401-500 as “severe”.

As a reaction of bad weather condition, most of the trains were rescheduled.

People residing in Delhi and National capital are reeling under the impact of breathing polluted air due to vehicular pollution, crop residue burning and climate change. They are using mask and scarves to cover their nose from the cocktail of dust and smog.

The medical practitioners across the city have advised people, who are suffering from breathing difficulties to avoid outside activities and recommended to use the mask.

If anybody experienced unusual coughing, chest discomfort, wheezing or fatigue, then consult the doctor.

They also advised that to drink enough water to avoid dehydration and have fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain antioxidant to boost the immunity.


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