Gujarat Assembly Speaker calls BR Ambedkar 'Brahmin'


GANDHINAGAR: Gujarat Assembly Speaker Rajendra Trivedi on Sunday described BR Ambedkar as a 'Brahmin', contending that there was nothing wrong in calling a learned person a Brahmin.


In his address at the 'Mega Brahmin Business Summit' in Gandhinagar, Trivedi said, "I have no hesitation in saying that BR Ambedkar is a Brahmin. There is nothing wrong with calling a learned person a Brahmin. In that context, I will say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a Brahmin."

The Father of Indian Constitution, BR Ambedkar, was born into a Dalit family and grew up to be the torchbearer for the community's cause.

The man behind the Dalit Buddhist movement, Ambedkar, campaigned against untouchability that the Dalits were subjected to. He also fought for the rights of women and labourers.

Speaking to CNN-News18, Trivedi cited the Bhagavad Gita to defend his remarks. “Caste is decided by a person’s work and not his birth. A man is a Brahmin by the work he does in his life. A learned person is a Brahmin as per the Gita,” he said.

Speaking at a job fair organised by the Samast Gujarat Brahma Samaj in Gandhinagar recently, Trivedi had described Modi and Ambedkar as “Brahmins” and Lord Krishna as an “OBC”.

(With inputs from ANI)

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