ISRO releases pictures taken by Chandrayaan 2


NEW DELHI: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Sunday released the first set of pictures of the earth captured by Chandrayaan 2.

The pictures captured by L 14 camera onboard Chandrayaan II showed the earth in different hues.

"Earth as viewed by Chandrayaan2 LI4 Camera on August 3, 2019, 17:34 UT," the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) tweeted along with the pictures.

Earlier, there were several pictures were circulating on the internet, which claimed to have been taken by Chandrayaan 2. However, the space agency had said the images were not taken by it.

On July 22, India had launched Chandrayaan-2 on-board its powerful rocket GSLV-MkIII-M1 from the spaceport of Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh with the aim of landing a rover in the unexplored lunar south pole.

The 3,850 kg Chandrayaan-2, a three-module spacecraft comprising an orbiter, lander and rover, has been injected into the earth's orbit.

It will be subjected to a series of orbit manoeuvres in the coming weeks to take it to the vicinity of the moon, with the rover soft landing planned on September 7.

If successful, it will make India the fourth country after Russia, the US and China to pull off a soft landing on the moon.

Chandrayaan-2 comes 11 years after ISRO's successful first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 which scripted history by making more than 3,400 orbits around the Moon and was operational for 312 days till August 29, 2009.

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