Jet Airways to stop free meals for most domestic economy passengers


NEW DELHI: Jet Airways has said it will stop serving complimentary meals to most domestic economy class passengers from January 7 to cut costs and boost revenues.

“Instead of this the passengers have an option to buy meals on board”, the airline said in a statement.

“The latest move reflects the fast-evolving nature of Indian aviation, where an increasing number of guests want the freedom and flexibility to make their own travel choices,” the airlines added.

Jet Airways has five categories of economy fares with different levels of benefits and it had already started phasing out free meals on the two lowest categories of economy fares. On January 7, it will stop providing meals for two more categories.

As per the report, the changes will not affect business class passengers in India nor all classes on international flights.

Jet Airways, which owes money to vendors and employees, is struggling to stay afloat and is seeking funds by raising equity and selling a stake in its loyalty programme.

The airline is also cutting flights on some routes and increasing frequencies on others to boost profit.

The survival of 25-year-old Jet Airways, founded by entrepreneur Naresh Goyal, is crucial for the companies from which it leases over 100 of its fleet of 124 planes.

With inputs from Reuters 

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