Maneka Gandhi Proposes Public Hearings of MeToo Cases


NEW DELHI: The government will form a committee of four retired judges to conduct public hearings on the #MeToo movement’s allegations of sexual harassment, said Union minister for women and child development Maneka Gandhi on Friday.


“I believe in the pain and trauma behind every single complaint and cases of sexual harassment at work must be handled with a policy of zero tolerance. I am proposing to set up a committee with senior judicial and legal persons as members to look into all issues emanating from the #MeToo campaign “she said in a statement to PTI

“Sex harassment complaints should be allowed even 10-15 years later and I am happy that the #MeToo campaign has encouraged women to speak about crimes committed against them”. She said earlier this week.

"You will always remember the person who did it, which is why we have written to the Law Ministry that complaints should be without any time limit," she said on Monday.

The committee will look into the legal and institutional framework which is in place for handling complaints of sexual harassment and in some cases, if required the ministry will advise on how to strengthen these, she added.

The global #MeToo movement emerged about a year ago after allegations against powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein encouraged many women - and men - to come out with their experience of being exploited or attacked sexually

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