Odisha govt includes Agriculture Dept under 'Mo Sarkar' scheme


BHUBANESWAR: The Odisha government on Thursday included the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment in the "Mo Sarkar" (my government) programme.

Launching the programme, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said:

"There was a time when super cyclone in 1999 devastated the entire coastal Odisha. During that period, we had to wait for other States to provide relief to our people in the stress”.

“Now, Odisha is the third-largest contributor to the country's Public Distribution System (PDS), the credit goes to the farmers of the state", he added.

"We have re-named Agriculture department to Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment Department to involve the farmers in our programs, Policies and the empowerment of farmers is our sole objective, I am Glad that the Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment Department will come under ‘Mo Sarkar’ initiative," he said.

Calling the initiative as a step forward in the empowerment of farmers and development of rural Odisha, Patnaik said that the administrative machinery should dedicate itself to the welfare of the farmers as they are real masters.

'Mo Sarkar', which means 'My Government' in Odia, is a transformative initiative of 5-T programme, which was introduced by Naveen Patnaik after he returned to power as the Chief Minister of the state for a fifth consecutive term.

The state government had launched ''Mo Sarkar'' programme on October 2. The programme was initially implemented in the departments of Home and Health.

The basic objective of the ''5T'' (teamwork, technology, transparency, time leading to transformation) initiative is to provide good governance to the people.


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Image credit: Hindustan Times

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