Pakistan Maritime Security Agency apprehends 22 Indian fishermen


AHMEDABAD: The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) on Wednesday apprehended 22 Indian fishermen off the Gujarat coast.

Two days ago, the PMSA had detained 34 Indian fishermen from here.

"Now, we have learned that another 22 fishermen were apprehended by the PMSA near the IMBL alleging our fishermen had ventured into the Pakistan side during fishing," Manish Lodhari, secretary of the Porbandar-based National Fishworkers' Forum (NFF).

“The latest batch of fishermen, along with their boats, were caught near the international maritime boundary line (IMBL) in the Arabian Sea”, Lodhari said.

“The captured fishermen and their boats will be taken to the Karachi port by the PMSA”, he added

On May 6, as many as 34 fishermen, who sailed from Porbandar on six boats for fishing, were apprehended by the PMSA for allegedly straying into the neighbouring country's territorial waters.

With inputs from PTI

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