RSS chief calls for an end to mob lynching


NAGPUR: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat has called for an end to mob lynching that he said would defame the country.


He told a Vijayadeshmi function of the RSS at Nagapur on Tuesday that lynching is a “western construct” and should not be used in the Indian context.

The word 'lynching' does not originate from Indian ethos but comes from a separate religious text, and such terms should not be imposed on Indians,” he added.

Voicing his displeasure over several incidents of mob violence in the country, he said, "Lynching is not the word from Indian ethos, its origin is from a story in a separate religious text. We Indians trust in brotherhood. Don't impose such terms on Indians."

Bhagwat urged citizens to create harmony, and that everyone should live within confines of law. "Swayamsevaks are brought up with that sanskar," he said.

Mob lynching assumed alarming dimension after the first Narendra Modi government accept cow protection as one of his government’s major agenda. According to (a data journalism site), 86% of those dead in cow-related violence since 2010 are Muslim and 97 per cent of the attacks took place after 2014, when the Modi government assumed power(with inputs from agencies).

Image Credit: Livemint

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