Vice President releases books of President Ram Nath Kovind’s selected speeches


NEW DELHI: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu Naidu on Friday released the second volumes of ‘Loktantra Ke Swar and the Republican Ethic’, the compilation of 95 speeches delivered by President Ram Nath Kovind.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said that the valuable collection of speeches by the President captures India's rich cultural mosaic and diversity.

The selected speeches of Ram Nath Kovind titled, "The Republican Ethic" is in English and "Loktantra ke Swar" is in Hindi .

The Vice President also released the e-version of the books at the inaugural event held in New Delhi.

The books are a compilation of 95 speeches delivered by the President during his second year in office (July 2018 to July 2019).

The speeches have been divided into 8 categories: 'Addressing the Nation', 'Windows to the World', 'Educating India: Equipping India', 'Dharma of Public Service', 'Honouring our Sentinels', 'Spirit of the Constitution and Law', 'Acknowledging Excellence' and 'Mahatma Gandhi: Moral Exemplar, Guiding Light.'

"I am privileged to release the volumes of selected speeches of our Honourable President, Ram Nath Kovindji, a friend, philosopher and guide to all of us. I am doubly honoured, as I had the pleasant duty of releasing first volumes of his speeches as well," Naidu said while addressing the gathering.

His speeches present a wide panorama of national life, covering issues ranging from diplomatic focus to good governance, from quality education to the pursuit of excellence and from the welfare of our brave armed forces to the overriding spirit of Constitution.

The first edition of these books was launched by the Vice President on December 6, 2018.


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