Aadhar data leak: It's shocking state of governance, says Congress


NEW DELHI : The Congress on Thursday dubbed as a shocking state of governance the leak of Aadhaar card details of crores of card holders, which the party said is "unacceptable and an anathema to democracy".


"It is shocking and unheard of that 12 crore Aadhar card holders' information has been blatantly leaked and is now available to anybody for use/misuse in any manner they want," Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala told the media.

"On one side, we speak about the right of privacy, about freedom of expression, right to life and control over one's body and one's thought, food habits, clothing, customs and one's culture. On the other, the BJP-led government is blatantly defending leak of such sensitive information that is prone to misuse and that can put an ordinary citizen into a lot of difficulties through misuse," he added.

He said it was satisfying that the Supreme Court had taken note of it.

"The government wants to tell everybody, particularly the young men or women, what they have to wear. They want to tell you where to go and where not to go and what time to go," said Surjewala.

"They want to regulate what is going to be your culture, your customs, your food habits, your description and now has gone to the extent of saying that 125 crore citizens of this country have no right over their bodies or limbs," he added.

The Congress leader said: "It's time for the people to rise in unison and tell the rulers that autocracy and obduracy of this nature is unacceptable and is an anathema to democracy, as also the Indian Constitution and ethos of the country."

The Supreme Court on Thursday reserved its verdict on linking of Aadhaar with Permanent Account Number cards, even as the court was told that it was a "draconian" provision and must go.

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