BJP sets target of 400 seats in next Lok Sabha polls


NEW DELHI : The BJP has set an ambitious "Mission 400" target for 2019 Lok Sabha polls, a top party leader said on Friday. The BJP, which won 282 seats in 2014, has identified 120 Lok Sabha seats won by opposition parties in the last general election and has chalked out a strategy to win these seats. Besides the party is also seeking to expand its base in areas where it has not got much electoral success.

Though the Lok Sabha elections are still two years away, the party has begin gearing towards them.    

BJP President Amit Shah embarked on a 15-day "Vistaar Yatra" (party expansion tour) earlier in the  month to strengthen the party in some of the states ruled by opposition parties including West Bengal and Odisha. The party is also focusing on  Kerala and Tamil Nadu as part of its efforts to expand its base.

Party leaders said that the expansion in new areas would also help in making for any loss of seats in areas it had done well in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. 


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