Chidambaram says government not serious about OBC Bill


NEW DELHI : Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram on Monday accused the government of not being serious on passage of the constitution amendment bill that sought to confer constitutional status on the Backward Classes Commission. In a tweet, Chidambaram said: "Congress and opposition parties supported OBC Bill. Government should have gracefully accepted amendments that strengthened Bill."


Earlier in the day, the government had to suffer an embarrassment in the Rajya Sabha when it could not ensure passage of a bill to give constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission, with the opposition succeeding in amending an important provision. 

Lambasting the government over the issue, the former Finance Minister said the amendments had been there with the upper House for several days but the government did not engage the opposition to work out an agreement.

"Government was totally unprepared and nonchalant. Did not even have full strength!" Chidambaram wrote.

"Constitution Amendment is serious business. Government not at all serious," he added.

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