If you don't want black, ban cuckoo : Pawan Kalyan


HYDERABAD : If you don't want black, then ban cuckoo, said leading Telugu actor and Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan while reacting to former BJP parliamentarian Tarun Vijay's controversial remarks about South Indian people. He tweeted on Friday that Vijay's statement reflects North India's bias against South India. Pawan reminded that it was a great man from South India who designed the national flag.


The actor-politician said such prejudice will divide the nation. 

"Is it not an insult which can be forgotten with an apology," he tweeted in Telugu an obvious reference to the apology by the BJP leader.

Pawan went on to remark 'it's our misfortune that persons having such feelings and the parties which accommodate them are there at the national level'.

"You need revenue from black people of South India but you look down upon them," he said.

Pawan, who has been speaking about the bias towards South India for last couple of months, uploaded on his twitter page an article about the national politics being unfair to the region despite the latter's huge contribution to the national economy.

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