Mamata thunders at BJP for abusive language


MALDA (WEST BENGAL) : In a fierce attack on the BJP, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday charged it with "maligning" her state and using obscene language against her. The Trinamool Congress supremo lashed out at the BJP for claiming that a tribal couple who joined the Trinamool after hosting BJP President Amit Shah was abducted and forced to join the ruling party.


"Yesterday (Wednesday) the party went on abusing us all day. Even their ministers are abusing us. They are saying there is 'reckless violence'. What words? I told Derek O'Brien 'What is this'? In Bengal, people are at peace and are happiest, there is no injustice, no trouble and they (BJP) have no work and are slandering the state. I am telling the Delhi leaders, if anyone maligns the state then there will be no bigger enemy or friend than me," Banerjee said.

Union Law Minister and BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad had said: "The tragedy is that for many years West Bengal was a victim of fear and violence under the Left parties. Now, it is a victim of fear and reckless violence of the TMC."

Banerjee blasted the BJP after one of its leaders virtually compared her to an "eunuch".

"I saw on TV. I am ashamed... He was saying 'Is Mamata Banerjee a woman or a man or an eunuch?'. 

"Just imagine. This is the language they are using. I am ashamed that I was born here. So much audacity and arrogance they have.

"How dare they question my birth, my mother, my father, my religion? How arrogant of them. Don't listen to a word they say... Humble them," Banerjee thundered at a public meeting here.

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