Modi government most decisive, transparent, minus corruption taint : Amit Shah


NEW DELHI : BJP President Amit Shah on Friday said the Narendra Modi government is the "most decisive and transparent" the country has seen, without a single case of corruption against it, and its rule in the last three years has ended casteism, family rule and appeasement politics.


Addressing a press conference to mark the third anniversary of the Modi government, Shah said what could not be achieved in the last 70 years was achieved by this government in the short period. He also brushed aside criticism over rising unemployment, saying it was not possible to give jobs to every person in a country of 125 crore.

Shah claimed that because of the achievements of the Modi government people have been voting for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) the most in elections held in the past three years.

"In the last three years the self-confidence of people has increased. Their scale of thinking has changed. There has been a radical change in the last three years," Shah said while highlighting the achievements of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government on completion of three years in office.

He said the Modi government, in the last three years, has built the base of a "new India".

"We have moved forward to make the country great," he said.

Slamming the previous Congress-led UPA government, Shah said the earlier political establishment was marked by policy paralysis and a string of scams. In contrast, even the opposition parties have not been able to level a single charge of corruption against the Modi government, he claimed.

"The BJP government under Modiji is the most decisive and transparent government, not a paralysed government," Shah said.

Shah said the Bharatiya Janata Party in the past three years had "brought an end to family rule, casteism and appeasement politics".

He said the people's mandate for the BJP is a "stamp of the people's trust" in Prime Minister Modi.

"People of the country gave a huge mandate to BJP in 2014, and then in all the elections the vote share of the BJP increased - which is a certificate of the work of the Modi government," Shah said.

"People feel that this is a government for the poor, backward, farmers and it has given the country a decisive, transparent government - a government which has taken the country to new heights," Shah said.

While listing the government's achievement, Shah described the army's surgical strikes against Pakistan as a show of strength of political will and the demonetisation move as a tough decision. 

"With the surgical strikes the Prime Minister showed a political will and self determination," he said.

Taking a jibe at the opposition parties, the BJP leader said that at a time "when the BJP-led government is busy taking the country forward, the opposition parties are working to strangle it".

On the opposition's allegations of not providing jobs to youths as promised by the BJP, Shah said it was not possible to give jobs to every person in a country of 125 crore.

"The process of compiling jobs not foolproof. We have given a new vision to employment. We have given self employment to around 8 crore youths," he said.

On the opposition's allegations of the BJP pursuing vendetta politics, Shah suggested they should come in front of the media and prove themselves as innocent.

"We never imposed Emergency in the country? Please don't compare us with Indira Gandhi. How can you compare us with her? We never shut your mouth to speak. You were not even free to speak during Emergency," Shah replied when asked if the BJP is doing what the Congress did when it was in power.

"As far as raids and searches are concerned, why do they expect that they will do wrong and the government would do nothing," Shah said.

He also said that in the last three years the BJP has achieved new milestones.

"We got the OBC commission for the backward community, we got a new Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill passed for the divyangs," Shah said.

Over the recent incidents of crime in Uttar Pradesh, Shah said the Yogi Adityanath government has "tackled everything promptly and action has been taken in each case".

Shah also justified the government's promise to bring "Ache din', saying those who benefited from the government schemes feels that good days have come for them.

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