Modi must apologise for failing to create jobs : Congress


NEW DELHI : The Congress on Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should stop making false claims and must apologise for not fulfilling his promise of creating jobs for the youth.


"The Prime Minister should stop making false claims. He must realise after three years that the time for propaganda and publicity is over. It is now the time to give an account of the miserable performance of his government, his failure to provide jobs as promised. In fact, jobs are being lost," said senior Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma.

"He should talk with a sense of responsibility and must admit that the promises he made could not be fulfilled. Modi must apologise and try to improve the situation."

The fact that Modi is undertaking a "cosmetic exercise" by calling a meeting with the Niti Aayog to discuss the job crisis is an indication that the realisation may have dawned on him, said Sharma.

"But it is too late. First of all Modi should make it clear whether he agrees with BJP President Amit Shah that BJP had never promised to provide jobs or create jobs," said Sharma.

"He should make his position clear. He can't remain silent. And if Shah is right, this is another false promise and complete betrayal by the BJP," added Sharma.

The Congress demanded the government must publish the list -- district-wise and state-wise with names, addresses and contact co-ordinates -- of people who have been provided employment since the NDA came to power.

"Merely a meeting with the Niti Aayog is not going to help the situation. Creation of Niti Aayog and dismantling of Planning Commission was a disastrous decision by Modi and the BJP government," said Sharma.

"There was no justification to do away with the system of planned development which had helped the Indian economy to grow in a very systematic and planned manner since the 1950s," he added.

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