'Nation became laughing stock during UPA rule'


KOLKATA : Accusing the previous UPA government of making India a laughing stock on the world stage, BJP President Amit Shah on Wednesday said the Narendra Modi-led central government has worked significantly to change the country's image globally.


"When the UPA government ran the country for a decade,there was resentment among the youth, insecurity among women; infiltration was a regular issue on the borders. The situation was such that India became a laughing stock even in the eyes of small countries." 

The BJP leader said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi the country has since worked significantly to reverse this situation since 2014.

Speaking at a a meeting with intellectuals here, he drew a comparison between Modi and his predecessor Manmohan Singh.

Shah said while Manmohan Singh did nothing to raise the country's stature in the comity of nations, the incumbent has earned plaudits everywhere for his hard work.

"No one took notice of the previous Prime Minister during his foreign tours, He used hide behind everyone, read his scripted speech and come back. The nation's pride was pushed to a new low globally," Shah said.

Claiming that the nation was going through a "policy paralysis" during the UPA rule, Shah said: "The situation was such that every minister used to consider himself as Prime Minister and no one bothered about the real Prime Minister."

Hailing a bouquet of developmental plans launched by the Centre's BJP-led government, the BJP chief said Modi is welcomed everywhere.

"Wherever Modi ji goes, he gets support and appreciation from thousands of people, because unlike his predecessor, he has worked hard to redeem the nation's lost pride," Shah added.

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