The Beefy tales of a Nation


Once again the flames of the communal fire hit Indian news when a farm worker Mohammad Akhlaq was strangled and beaten up by a frenzied mob in a Hindu village of Dadri, in the state Uttar Pradesh, on the pretext of consuming beef and slaughtering a cow.


Mohamad Akhlaq was asleep in his house with his son Danish when an uncontrollable and an unruly mob emerged from nowhere with sticks, sword and cheap pistols and attacked Akhlaq. The reason given was that the family consumed beef and had stored it in refrigerator, whereas Akhlaq’s mother denied all these charges and told the mob that the stored meat is mutton but everything fell on deaf ears .They were filled with rage and anger and kept on hitting the father–son duo. The mob was too large to be controlled by anyone. They started dragging out the family members not sparing even the ladies and the children of the house. They hit Akhlaq with a sewing machine on his head and dragged both father and son out and repeated beatings continued with bricks, sticks and swords leading to killing of Akhlaq and injuring Danish critically.

The family lost its bread winner, the son is critically injured in a crime they say they have not committed. Announcing flats and money for the victim's family can’t lessen their pain, but surely it will help them in the future in some ways provided the aid reaches them.

And when we talk about the future where is the India which Bhagat Singh or Subhash Chandra Bose dreamt of heading? During our various struggles we always were united and the communal character never occurred in any of our resistances. But now we are segregated, the reservation has played its havoc, we are not one anymore, and chaos has struck everywhere. Those not getting any reservations think themselves to be deprived. We are not a single force anymore and the day is not far when evil forces outside our countries will take benefit of this situation and lead us into major troubles.

It is high time we stop all these communal politics and gimmickry. Some say due to an upcoming election this has been done by a certain political party to blemish the other one. I would really request everyone to take lesson from the villagers who came as a strong force together to stop the only Muslim family of the village from leaving. The family agreed not to leave.

The uncontrollable mob is believed to have heard some announcements being made from the local temple about family consuming beef. The police came into action and have made some arrests. But what has been lost has been lost.

The communalism has spread its fangs in the Indian society in a big way; we are no longer the “Hindi hai hum watan hai Hindustan hamara” people. If a person consumes beef law does not give anyone right to kill him. Those who took this unnecessary and shameful step in the name of religion are mentally sick and needs to be treated in a “proper manner”. On one hand, we had a Muslim president on whose death the whole world cried, who put India on the world map and on the other hand we have such criminal minds that kill an innocent person without any fault and put India to shame for all the wrong reasons.

I would just request and urge everyone to “wake up “as we are one nation, no matter which religion we follow God is one, his teachings are same and he never tells anyone to kill in his name. He teaches us love, compassion and thoughtfulness violence and terror are not his teachings. 

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