#MyVoteIsNotForSaleKA; Poll bound Karnataka to meet new campaign

South India

BANGALORE: Amid of the election fever in Karnataka, a group of young people started a new campaign called #MyVoteIsNotForSaleKA, to promote clean and clear electoral process in the coming up assembly elections.

The four members of the campaign are, Keerthi a moviemaker by profession, an UPSC aspirant Shreyas Reddy, Yashwanth who works at TCS, and a social activist Nithin Gowda.

The South Indian Post had a talk with the team.

When asked about why they started this campaign, Yashwanth said that “We all have seen how a month before election date looks like, roads filled with cadre people and their leaders giving leaflets to people propagating their views for better society.

All this is fine, but what’s wrong?

Cadre politics either happens through belief of change or cash flow.

We decided that this cash flow has to stop , which is the root cause of corruption, a candidate who spends 10 crore on winning an election will have huge dreams about the money he wants to take which will obviously be 30 times more than what he spends”.

We chose this campaign because; India is the world's largest democracy. The strength of the democracy comes from its people. The people have to make an informed choice in selecting its leaders. But today, on the contrary we see Government buying the people, said Keerthi.

We believe educating people will make us reach there in the coming future and we hope for clean elections for a corrupt free society tomorrow. He added.

Our politicians try to buy our Vote with a NOTE- sometimes pink, sometimes green.  A common man should not fall for this, said Shreyas.

In a Democracy, Vote is the ultimate power. If we elect an efficient leader with vision he will set all of us into a better mission. But if we take money to vote - the person will spend time in recovering what is spent with interest! This is been the state from ages, Shreyas added.

The four members along with their friends started this campaign with two intentions in mind.  Increase voting percentage and People should not sell their votes.

 According to these youths, generally it is see that, educated people do not come out and vote. They feel there is no proper leadership.  We are asking them to read the manifesto of contestants and make an informed choice.  We are also educating people regarding NOTA. NOTA can prove to be very powerful as it sends a strong message!

People get lured for money and other items during election. We are educating people how we sell our right to question for a note.

The online campaign #MyVoteIsNotForSaleKA and #VoteMaaduKarnataka has received a positive response.

We also have questions on, will people change? Will people stop receiving money?  We would reply, "Well, let us try and let us begin the change from you."

They have made a five minute video to educate people regarding Voting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJNJIEgkqVQ

Those who want to support this campaign hold a note in hand and send a message that this note cannot buy your vote. Post on online platforms using the following Hashtags #MyVoteIsNotForSaleKA, #VoteMaaduKarnataka.

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