AADHI- A Hero beyond our Imagination


There was only one single emotion on the faces of audience in the theatre today- Affection. As Pranav Mohanlal cuts his teeth on the silver screen today in Aadhi, the cinemas ran full house. Pranav had everyone’s blessings. And today was his day.The parental love- it was as clear as day, seen in the eyes of the women and the men, and all of us in the show today.

Director: Jeethu Joseph

Cast: Pranav Mohanlal, Siddique, Lena, Meghanathan

It all started long before the film. But what really touched the audience’s hearts was the little thank you note Pranav included right before the film began- he thanked Achan, Amma and Anujathi (Father, Mother and little sister) for their blessings. What more do we need? And to please all the mothers-no girl is worthy enough to be his heroine.

Aadhi made his entry on the screen with a guitar, singing an unplugged version of the famous song “Mizhiyoram...” reminding everyone of that unpolished oily face of the ‘Dad star’ in his 1980 debut film. There were a lot of such ‘remindings’. And when Jeethu Joseph thought nothing was enough, he literally brought the Patriarch in real into the film for a few seconds. For a moment the little Pranav was eclipsed by the ‘Lalettan effect’ and the further dialogues were muffled because of the huge round of applause in the theatre.


Aadhi is the most vulnerable, ‘lad in distress’ looking hero we have seen so far here. He is tiny, innocent and in fact his muscles are still growing to be a macho hero. But nobody expected a macho in Pranav today. The homesick and whining boy with dishevelled hair was very convincing. From what we saw in the first half, as the middle class man gets trapped in Bangalore- the other name for ‘urban debauchery’ to a Malayalee, the film goes to the second half with a typical Jeethu Joseph tricky parade of events. We know what he did in Drishyam.  And he didn’t make it all that ‘small and simple’ this time.

It was a little ‘techy’, a little overconfident and a lot of Parkour and Freerunning. There was a stunt sequence that dragged us through the Boring phase into the Yawning phase where Aadhi did only the running and the fellow stunt boys did the actual Freerunning. Alas, if only we know what real Freerunning and Parkour look like..! And that is why we don’t feel cheated when we see the bloopers at the end.


Here are some quick answers to what you are looking for in Aadhi.

What was most amazing in the film?


How was his acting?

 He’ll get better. Let’s not judge him by the first movie.

What was his biggest support?

Siddique – the one and only actor in the industry right now to play an understanding father to all the ‘New Gen’ actors.

The songs were good but I don’t think anybody paid much attention to them. The stunts were fresh and well disciplined.

What was most disappointing in this film?

Well, if nothing else, I’d say Mohanlal could have preferred off screen instead of stealing Pranav’s scene. I wonder why Jeethu didn’t think of bringing Mammootty- then it would have been much more interesting.

Verdict: Pranav will have a space of his own if only he can convince us in the future that all it takes is sheer hard work, and not nepotism or good contacts.


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