Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Kerala Health Ministry gets automatic hand sanitising machine 'SANICAFE'

South India

The machine works by detecting the presence of the person passing near the 'SANICAFE', giving an audio/visual signal to the person to clean the hand. The machine dispenses sanitiser without the need for the person to touch it.


Amid the continuous surge in COVID-19 cases in Kerala, Centre for Development in Advanced Computing, Thiruvananthapuram under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has donated an automatic hand sanitising machine 'SANICAFE' to the state health department.

As per the report, the machine has been donated to state Health Minister KK Shailaja.

The features of the system are - Automatically alerts when a person passes by, to sanitize hands (buzzer as well as flashing text) - Automatically dispenses hand sanitizer in fixed quantity when the person places his/her hands in the space provided. 

The system configuration options are - Easily refill hand sanitizer in the tank provided. Adjust the amount of sanitizer dispensed - Level Monitor regularly checks the level/amount of sanitizer liquid in the device and indicates when it is going to empty

On Saturday, 7,006 new COVID-19 cases and 21 deaths were reported in Kerala, while 3,199 patients recovered from the pandemic.

Meanwhile, 1,14,530 patients have now recovered, the number of active cases in the state now stands at 52,678.

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