Amid lockdown, Kerala-TN couple ties knot at border checkpost

South India

This unusual venue was chosen after the bridegroom from Cumbum town in Tamila Nadu could not get an e-pass to travel to Vanidperiyar in Idukki district of Kerala, where the wedding was scheduled to take place at a temple.

For Jayaprakash and Gayathri, the coronavirus lockdown will be permanently etched in their minds and also find a place in their photo albums as the couple entered into wedlock in a checkpost on the Kerala Tamil Nadu border on Monday (May) 25.

R. Prashanth, who hails from Cumbum in Tamil Nadu, and Gayathri, a resident of Kottayam in Kerala tied the knot in front of a closed shop at the Kumili border as the state police refused permission to go to Vandipperiyar in Idukki district, where the wedding was scheduled to take place at a temple.

However, the police allowed the couple to conduct the marriage at the checkpost and helped them in making the required arrangements. The bridegroom’s parents talked to members of the bride’s family, who were waiting at the venue and they agreed for the marriage at the unusual venue.

The bride and her parents and some relatives then headed to the Kumli border and got the marriage solemnised. Policemen, revenue and health officials of the two states blessed the couple, according to a report in Outlook.

The bride then returned to Kerala for the marriage lunch at the venue while the bridegroom and his parents drove back home happy that the wedding did not have to be postponed.

Despite not having a travel pass, the bridegroom and his parents, dressed in traditional wedding attire, took a chance, taking a cab to Kerala. They were, however, stopped at the Kumili border check post between the two states.

Image Credit: Outlook

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