Andhra Pradesh number 1 state in COVID spread, fatality rates, says TDP

South India

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Thursday said that Andhra Pradesh is the number one state in COVID spread and fatality rates.


The TDP accused the YSRCP government of not making any effort to contain the spread of corona even though the pandemic was increasing day by day causing pain and suffering to people.

YSRCP official spokesperson Kommareddy Pattabhi Ram said that the daily case growth was at an alarming 6.11 per cent as against 1.95 per cent in Maharashtra, 2.4 per cent in Telangana and 3.95 per cent in Karnataka.

Pattabhi Ram added that over 400 deaths took place in the last one week with the daily fatality growth rate at 4.46 per cent in Andhra Pradesh when compared to 1.69 per cent in Maharashtra, 3.67 per cent in Karnataka and 2 per cent in Telangana.

"Every 10 seconds, a COVID case was being reported in Andhra Pradesh indicating the seriousness of the situation. At the same time, the state was standing at the ninth position in recoveries," he stated.

Andhra's recovery rate was just 55.9 per cent as against 65 per cent in Maharashtra, 78 per cent in Tamil Nadu, 89.9 per cent in Delhi and 71.3 per cent in Telangana.

Pattabhi slammed the Jagan regime for making 'bogus claims' on testing.

 "As per the latest data, Andhra Pradesh conducted just 13.09 lakh tests by August 4 while the state government's health bulletin claimed to have conducted a total of 21.75 lakh tests by that time. When the central list exposed bogus claims of Andhra Pradesh previously, special chief secretary Jawahar Reddy replied that it was a technical mistake.

Now, it would not be possible to make similar excuses for a second time," Pattabhi quoted by news Agency ANI as saying.

Pattabhi further said that the government's online dashboard was also displaying the wrong figures.

"The government's online dashboard showed 21,000 hospital beds and 86,000 quarantine beds as unoccupied. But the field-level situation was that the patients were waiting and dying in cars and on the staircases at the hospitals due to lack of COVID beds. Instead of making false claims, the government should at least create hope by giving better facilities and food at quarantine centres and conduct tests in time," he said.

The Covid-19 tally in Andhra Pradesh reached 1.96 lakh on Thursday as another 10,328 cases were added for the second consecutive day. After a total of 1.12 lakh coronavirus patients recovered so far, the state now has 82,166 active cases. Toll rises by 72 to 1,753.


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