AP government issues legal notice to newspaper for report on Collectors

South India

Earlier, the Collectors of the 13 districts decided to take legal recourse as the article was a “deliberate attack” on the Institution of Collectors.


Considering an article published in a vernacular newspaper — that accused Collectors of two districts of “walking into a honey trap” and misbehaving with women — as a deliberate attack on the institution of Collectors, the state government on Saturday decided to take legal action against the publication.

A legal notice in this regard was served on the newspaper by public prosecutor K Srinivas Reddy, and legal notices were issued to the management of the daily on behalf of the Collectors of the 13 districts of the state. The notices have been issued to Amodha Publications Pvt. Ltd (Andhra Jyothi) Managing Director Vemuri Radha Krishna, its printer and publisher K.V. Seshagiri Rao, Editor K. Srinivas and the bureau chief of its Andhra edition for publishing an article on Collectors of two districts that is “defamatory in nature”.

The notice said that the article on the two Collectors (one of a coastal district and the other from Rayalaseema) was nothing but “an act of calumny, vilification and disparagement that suited their (respondents’) political alignments”.

It said that the report spewed venom on the entire IAS community by taking advantage of the alleged misdemeanour of some black sheep among them and called for the publication of an unconditional apology in seven days, failing which legal action would be initiated without the issuance of further notices.

The collectors of AP are playing a key role in implementing the schemes and are working round the clock during this corona crisis. Andhra Pradesh's government is providing the governance that is most close to the people and is maintaining high transparency.

 “Officials posted as Collectors are highly meritorious, and have given up temptations of other walks of life and dedicated themselves to the betterment of the country. They compete with the best brains in the country and are selected under a very meticulous system of selection, and the defamatory article is a classic example of trying to encroach upon their independence and threaten the institution’s reputation,” the Collectors felt.

Maintaining that the institution of Collectors in AP is perceived by people as institution of God, thanks to the legacy left by their seniors, the Collectors, who after being in service for 8 to 12 years, have come to a conclusion that the perception of the institution of Collector in Andhra Pradesh is far superior than in any other state.

“Collectors are perceived as the protector, justice provider, enabler and adjudicator to the poor. As individuals, Collectors come and go but the institution will remain,” they felt, and said that when someone levels baseless allegations, defensive tendencies of keeping quiet and ignoring should not cross their mind.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “Silence becomes cowardice when the occasion demands speaking the whole truth and acting accordingly,” the Collectors felt it is their endeavour to protect the institution of the civil services.

Image Credit: The News Minute

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