Arrival of the Kola fish, Joy all over the Sea!

South India

NAGAPATTINAM: Across the shores of Nagapattanam and Karaikal coasts, the joy of fishing for fisherman increases day by day. Nature has blessed them. Summer is the time; usually Kola fish founds to be in the net of the angler. That will be between the time peri od of April to July. This year, the fisher men have spotted the fish earlier in the week of March. It was a quite surprise for the fisher man.

Around 40 boats returned on the last day with a rich haul. The demand for kola is so high that tonnes of the catch got sold out in no time as soon as fisherman landed at the Nagapattinam harbour.

The type of tiny, shining species, Kola is capable of flying 2-3 metres high and they are well known for its taste. The seasonal availability is also another factor that recognises them.

Vendors and people wait for the fisher folk in the coast in the night hours to buy fresh fish, which is a type of tiny and shiny species. It has to be cooked on the day it is bought or else its real taste would be lost.

According to the fishermen, there is always good demand for the `Kola' fish.

Fishermen having fibreglass boats and catamarans were now getting remunerative price of Rs.1.50 to Rs.2 per fish. The fishermen who venture into the sea in a single boat manage to catch 50 to 100 kg of `Kola' fish

With the officials study, we could note that Since Kola fish lives in the deeper sea, in summer, it comes closer to the surface for the heat. But the scorching sun may be the reason for the early arrival of the fish.

Seithuraman , a fisherman said, “ kola is being sold  for Rupees 40 per kg to agents. They sell the fish in Tiruchy, Thanjavur, Karur and neighbouring states like kerala and Karnataka for up to rupees 80 per kg”

Women vendors from rural areas can be seen waiting in the harbour in return for the boats. Another fisher folk said, Since the Bay of Bengal is nearby and a hotspot for kola fishes, plenty of agents are approaching us’’

People are filled with much enthusiasm to buy the fishes as it’s more demanding for its delicious, when it’s cooked. “Nowadays, I opt for buying more kola fishes to my family as it’s the season for that fish. It’s very mouth watering when its cooked.” Said  Malini, a residence from Nagapattinam.

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