Beat your weight loss plateau: Surprising reasons you're not losing weight


Have you reached a weight loss plateau? Is your weighing machine reading the same weight every other time you set your foot on it? Believe it or not despite the efforts you’re putting in, you may still be going somewhere wrong. Some reasons could be hormonal (in which case see a doc) whereas others may just be a little more than surprising.

Here’s what could possibly have gone wrong if you’re not able to lose those extra pounds off your body.

You’re not sleeping well

Your body does need rest and by depriving it you’re sabotaging your weight loss efforts. When you do not sleep your body produces more of cortisol hormone which increases your appetite. You eventually end up eating more because your body is craving for carbs and fats not much to your liking.


You watch TV while eating

After reading this you will stop watching your favorite TV series or anything when you’re eating. People tend to eat more when they’re distracted. Slowing down when eating a meal and savoring ensure you eat mindfully and the amount your stomach can stomach. According to Harvard Health, “paying attention to a meal can be linked to eating less later on”. Once you start eating it takes 20 minutes for your brain to release the signal that you’re full. But, when you’re eating in a hurry without paying much attention you naturally eat more than you should have.

You’re eating too less

Yes that’s definitely true. If you want to lose weight you shouldn’t stop eating. Reconsider your approach to losing weight. Calories you burn actually come from muscle and not fat. Muscles burn more calories as compared to fats which means the more muscle mass (thanks to your eating right and healthy) you have, the closer you will be to your weight loss goals. Besides, you will also have more energy to carry on with not just exercising but your routine life in general. You don’t want to be fatigued, right?


You carry debit/credit cards when out

Carrying too much cash when you go for grocery shopping may not be what you would like, but this is what you should. When you go out with plastic money (or card), you don’t realise the needless junk food you will carry home. When you’re aware of the money you have you will spend mindfully and on stuff you need instead of those nuggets and calorie-laden unnecessary foot items in the supermarket.

Your partner is lethargic

No matter how pumped up you are to lose weight if you see your partner lazying around, chances are that you would not be motivated to continue with your efforts to lose weight. What you can perhaps do is include them in your schedule. Go out for a run together, when eating out share your dessert and do grocery shopping mindfully if you do that together. Don’t neglect their junk craving completely though. There should be a reward you should keep for yourself at least once a week.

Your refrigerator is a mess

If you do not organize your fridge, you’re likely to eat whatever is in sight. More often than not, usually you will have left overs from last night in front of other items and your fresh fruits remain hidden in the back alleys. Sadly you get to know of their existence a little too late when they’re spoilt! So, the best bet is to organize your refrigerator and kitchen shelves in order. Calorie-rich cookies should be kept in the far end because out of sight is out of mind!

Do you make these mistakes too?  In that case now is the time to make changes and beat your weight loss plateau.

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