Bengaluru man fined over Rs 42000 after being caught riding his scooter without helmet

South India

A vegetable vendor in Bengaluru, who was flagged down by the Madivala traffic police left the two-wheeler with them after coming to know that there were 77 violation cases against the vehicle


A biker in Bengaluru has been fined for traffic violations amounting to more than the purchase cost of his second-hand scooter.

As per the report, the value of the two-wheeler was less than Rs 30,000 .

On Friday, Arun Kumar, a vegetable vendor in Bengaluru, resident of Madivala was stopped by traffic police for not wearing a helmet, but he was shocked to get about a two-metre-long bill for the Rs 42,500 fine.

As per the Madivala police, he has violated traffic rules 77 times, for which now he has to pay Rs 42,500 in court.

As per the report, the cases were pending for two years. Most of the violations were for jumping traffic signals and triple riding. 

As per the report, Kumar sought time to arrange for the money and pay the amount. 


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Image credit: ANI

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