Bengaluru moral policing: Congress leader’s arrest raise eyebrows

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The arrest was made even after the Congress leader tendered an unconditional apology and the actor expressed her decision not to pursue her complaing with the HSR Layout Police. 

Karnataka Congress leader Kavitha Reddy was Tuesday, September 8, arrested for allegedly harassing and abusing actor Samyuktha Hegde at a Bengaluru park on September 4.

The arrest was made even after the Congress leader tendered an unconditional apology and the complainant claimed that she would not pursue the case. The HSR Layout police said they had not received any official communication from the actor about the withdrawal of the complaint.

Officials at the HSR Layout station saying that they had released the Congress leader on station bail. The actor had revealed her decision not to pursue the case in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

“I’ve consulted with my family and also keeping Kavitha Reddy’s age in mind, I am not interested and don’t want to pursue my case against her and I have formally requested the police yesterday about the same,” Hegde was quoted by Indian Express as saying.

Hegde said that she would still pursue the case against Anil Reddy, a resident of HSR Layout area, whose name she had mentioned in her complaint for allegedly abusing her and her friends at the Agara park in the city. In her social media post, she said she still hoped strong action would be taken against him.

“I want to be clear: I still hope that strong action is taken against Anil Reddy and the others with him, who threatened and abused us at the park and made us feel so helpless. Nobody in the world has a right to make you feel like that and it will not be tolerated anymore,” she wrote.

Anil Reddy has not been arrested yet. Police officers said they are looking for him.

Hegde had announced her decision not to pursue the case against Kavitha Reddy after the latter tendered an unconditional apology to Hegde. “I have always opposed moral policing. I realise my actions were construed as such. An argument ended up in me reacting aggressively as well, it was a mistake,” Reddy said in a tweet. “As a responsible citizen and progressive woman, I own up to and sincerely apologise to Samyuktha Hegde and her friends!”

However, Hegde called Reddy’s apology neither ‘satisfactory nor genuine’. “She had not taken down her posts or tweets for 16 hours after issuing a public apology which shows how casual she was about this apology and had clearly done this under pressure as it was affecting her public image and many of you have also pointed this out,” Hegde said in a statement on social media, according to the Indian Express report.

Hegde had alleged on Saturday that Reddy abused her and her friends for working out in their sports-wear at the Agara Lake in the city. She also accused a group of people present there of threatening to label her a drug user, amid the ongoing investigation into the alleged drug links in the Kannada film industry.

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