Bull, cow reunited after a video of their affection goes viral in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai district

South India

Celebrations erupted in Madurai district's Palamedu on Tuesday after a bull, who refused to be parted from cow and doggedly chases the vehicle in which the latter was being transported, were finally reunited.


A moving video of the bull circling the lorry, sticking his head in and finally running after the lorry carrying the cow which was sold by her owner in Palamedu surfaced online. The visuals showed the black bull running after the lorry for about one kilometre.

Muniandiraja a resident of Palamedu, who runs a tea shop in the area said he had reared his cow Lakshmi along with a temple Bull, named Manjamalai.

He said that he sold the cow and had loaded it to his truck for transportation. However, the Bull could not bear the separation and followed the vehicle for about one km and attempting to stop it.

The lorry was to transport Lakshmi out of Palamedu as the cow’s owner had sold it to a milk farm due to financial difficulties due to the ongoing lockdown in Madurai.

Seeing this incident the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, O Panneer Selvam’s son, O Jayapradeep recovered the cow by giving money to the person who bought the cow. 

According to the News Minute report, Lakshmi was given a grand welcome as she strutted around town, with garlands around her neck. Lakshmi was taken straight to meet Manjamalai, whose apparent affection for the cow compelled people to request for the duo to be reunited.

Later, he donated the cow to the temple and reunited the bovines.


With inputs from ANI

Image credit: News Minute

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