Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi slams govt on state of economy


NEW DELHI: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday attacked the BJP government over the state of the economy

She said that those ruling the country are busy in themselves while people are suffering on every front.
"The state of the economy in the country is bad. The service sector has fallen flat. Employment is decreasing. Those ruling are busy in themselves and the people are suffering on every front," she said in a tweet in Hindi.
Taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said while he held his "Howdy Mody" event in the US, the Americans have reduced HB1 visas for Indians seeking to work there.
"The question that everyone should ask the BJP government is who is being benefitted during their tenure. The prime minister went to the United States and held his 'Howdy Mody' event but America increased the number of rejections of HB1 visas for those Indians wanting to work there," she said in another tweet.
On September 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed more than 50,000 Indian-Americans from across the US at Houston's mega "Howdy, Modi" event.
The Houston event was Modi's third major address to the Indian-American community after he became the prime minister in 2014 and the first after his re-election in May.
The previous two were at the Madison Square Garden in New York in 2014 and the Silicon Valley in 2016.
The "Howdy, Modi!" event was organised by non-profit Texas India Forum, a recently-formed representative body of hundreds of Indian American organisations in Texas and other parts of the US.
"Howdy", short for 'How do you do?', is a friendly greeting commonly used in the southwestern United States.

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