CPI stages protests against oil price hike in Andhra Pradesh

South India

Communist Party of India on Saturday staged protests in Andhra Pradesh against the hike in petrol and diesel prices.

The protest by the state unit of the party at Mangalagiri was led by state secretary K Ramakrishna by pulling an auto with a rope.

He said that while people were facing troubles with coronavirus, Modi government has been increasing the burden of the people by hiking the petrol prices repeatedly.

"Today the petrol rate is Rs.81.36 and diesel rate is Rs.75.36 in the open market. Layman is facing a problem. Auto drivers, lorry drivers, lorry owners, tractor owners are facing troubles. RTC bus fares may also be hiked. But the government is getting income. If the petrol price is increased by Rs.1, the government gets an annual income of Rs.14,000 crores," Ramakrishna was quoted by news agency ANI as saying.

He said that with the hike the government has imposed a bureden of Rs.1 lakh crores on the general public.

While the crude oil prices are coming down in the international market, the Indian public are burdened with unreasonable price hike. Modi government is seizing the crisis as an opportunity to fill the exchequer. 

Image Credit: ANI

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