Desperation for alcohol claims three lives in Tamil Nadu

South India

The desperate tipplers mixed paint varnish with water and drank it due to non- availability of liquor.

In a tragic incident, three desperate alcohol addicts allegedly consumed paint varnish due to the non-availability of alcohol and later died in a hospital at Chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu.

According to India Today, on Sunday, the three men, identified as Shivasankar, Pradeep and Sivaraman were rushed to Chengalpattu government hospital after they were found vomiting and in a serious condition. All three of them collapsed one after the other.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that the three men were habitual drinkers and were unable to source liquor from anywhere due to the ongoing lockdown. Frustrated, they ended up mixing paint with varnish and consumed the concoction.

The Tamil Nadu government had last week decided to shut down the state-operated TASMAC stores selling liquor after the country was put on complete lockdown on March 25 for a period of 21 days. All services apart from essential ones such as health and food have been stopped. Liquor stores have also been stopped from functioning to

Earlier, a rickshaw driver in Nagpur in Maharashtra set himself on fire after being depressed over not getting liquor during the lockdown. In Kerala, the non-availability of liquor has claimed at least nine lives in various parts of the state.

Apart from deaths, several incidents of burglaries in liquor shops have been reported from various parts of the country during the lockdown. Last week, in the wee hours of Saturday, unidentified offenders broke into a liquor shop located on Roshanara Road in North Delhi and stole liquor bottles and crates.

In another incident, a burglar allegedly broke into a wine shop by drilling a hole into the false ceiling of the shop and fled with liquor bottles worth Rs 26,000 and Rs 8,000 in cash. The incident took place on April 1, however, it came to light on Saturday when the owner of the wine shop scanned the CCTV footage.

Incidents of illicit brewing of liquor have also been reported from many parts of the country. Last week, seven people were arrested in Kerala in this connection.

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