Election Campaign: Leaders accuses each other; Karnataka witnessing rallies by national leaders'

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BANGALORE: As the election campaign goes to its peak level, leaders of both BJP and Congress accuses each other. Today Karnataka is witnessing rallies lead by three national leaders, Sonia Gandhi, Yogi and Modi.

Cong talks of women empowerment but opposed triple talaq bill: Modi

Launching fresh salvo against the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday raised questions on the grand old party's stand on women empowerment, citing its opposition to the bill criminalising triple talaq.

Addressing a rally, the Prime Minister said the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government was the one who has got a tough law to ensure safety of women, and added, "It is the Congress party that did not allow the law on Triple Talaq to be passed. How is the Congress even talking about women empowerment?"

The Congress took strong exception to the triple talaq bill and the lesser strength of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Rajya Sabha prevented the bill's passage in the Upper House and hence, it could not be enacted.

"The Congress has never been serious about the safety of women. Here in Vijayapura, there was a case but what did the Congress government do? Northing," he added.

Prime Minister Modi slammed the Siddaramiah-led Karnataka government over the state of farmers, rural development, among other issues in the state, and stated that it was the Central Government which brought social security schemes for the poor as well as electricity to villages.

"The people of Karnataka have decided to punish the Congress party," Prime Minister Modi remarked, indicating imminent victory for BJP.

"Instead of going among the people, the Congress leaders are thinking about what excuses to make about a certain defeat. The reasons for their excuse will include faulty EVMs and other such reasons," the Prime Minister continued.

He further said that instead of taking the society together, the Congress is bothered about votes, "I am here in a land closely associated with Bhagwan Basaveshwara. His philosophy called for taking all sections of society together. Sadly, the Congress government has not followed his principles. All they are bothered about is their votes."

In his address, Prime Minister Modi accredited the saints, seers and mutts in playing a "key role in making the society of Karnataka progressive and harmonious," and for working to remove human suffering.

Siddarmaiah allows jihadi elements to fester: Yogi

BJP’s star campaigner, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday raked up Bhatkal's history of communal violence as he campaigned in the town, to launch a scathing attack on the Siddarmaiah government for its inaction against "jihadi elements".

Kicking off his first rally of the day in Bhatkal, Yogi's address to the public centered around security concerns, and said that Bhatkal would continue to be recognised as the haven of terrorists until an effective government comes in the state.

"As long as we show laxity when it comes to security, remain divided among ourselves, anti-national elements will take advantage and continue to kill innocent citizens, just as in 1993, 17 people are killed here, and in 1996, BJP MLA U. Chittaranjan is murdered here, and there are a series of such incidents that have presented a threat to security in Bhatkal," Yogi said.

Yogi accused Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of allowing "the mafias, and jihadi elements" to fester in the state with his inaction, and deduced that it was because "he does not want good governance, he does not want safety for the general public, and he has a secret agenda due to which he is encouraging social unrest and hence, Karnataka is on a rapid decline with regards to development.

"In the last five years the highest farmer suicide was reported from Karnataka, the youths of Karnataka migrated to other states the most, highest number of jihadi murders take place in Karnataka," Yogi added.

Piling on the accusation, Yogi further raked up the row over celebration of Tipu Sultan Jayanti in Karnataka, and said that the Congress-led state government did not allow celebration of Chhatrapati Shivaji's Jayanti but celebrates Tipu Sultan Jayanti "bringing utter disrespect to this state".

Calling on the public to vote for BJP candidate for the constituency Sunil Nayak, Yogi urged all to let Karnataka become a land of Ram Rajya instead of a base for 'Jihadi' elements, adding that Karnataka was the birth place of Hindu God Hanuman and the land where Lord Rama first met him.

"The meeting of Ram and Hanuman laid the foundation of Ram's rule. Today, I urge you all to not let Karnataka, the meeting place of Ram and Hanuman, become a base for 'Jihadi' elements, for corruption. Let it become a land of Ram Rajya," he said.

Yogi described Ram Rajya as a place "where everyone is happy and prosperous, and where the state's policies are made keeping in view the most disadvantaged section of the society.

After the rally, Yogi offered prayers at Murudeshwar Temple in Murdeshwar before heading to Byndoor, Mudabidre, Virajpet, and Sullia, where he is due to address more rallies.

With the assembly elections inching nearer, Karnataka has turned into a battlefield with both BJP and Congress indulging in aggressive campaigns.

Karnataka will go to polls on May 12 to elect representatives to the 224-seat assembly. The results will be declared on May 15.

PM Modi only says his 'Mann Ki Baat': Rahul

Taking a pot shot at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that he only says his 'Mann Ki Baat', but does not listen to what the country has to say to him.

Talking to ANI, Rahul said, "Pradhan Mantri sirf apni 'Mann ki Baat' karte hain, desh ki sunte nahi hain (Prime Minister Modi only says his 'Mann ki Baat' but doesn't listens to what the country has to say to him)."

Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Modi for being tight-lipped after a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA allegedly raped a girl in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao a few months back.

Addressing a public gathering during a roadshow at Karnataka's Gauribidanur, Gandhi said, "A BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh rapes a woman and PM Modi does not even utter a word."

Earlier in the day, Gandhi attacked BJP chief Amit Shah by calling him a 'murder accused'.

Claiming that Shah lacks credibility, Gandhi said the BJP, which talks about honesty and decency, has a person accused of murder as its head.

The Congress President also questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi why he has chosen B.S. Yeddyurappa, who has been in jail, as the BJP chief ministerial candidate for upcoming Karnataka assembly elections.

Gandhi on being asked whether he can be the Prime Minister candidate in 2019, if the Congress is the single largest party, he said, "Yes, why not".

The election in Karnataka will be held on May 12 in 223 constituencies, out of 224 of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. The election for one constituency has been postponed following the death of B.N. Vijay Kumar, Jayanagar BJP candidate. The counting of votes and announcement of result will take place on May 15.


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