Fans dismayed as Kannada serial ‘Magalu Janaki' goes off air

South India

Magalu Janaki, one of the most popular serials of Kannada television that entertained the viewers with frequent tweaks and turns, came to an abrupt end on Friday leaving its fans disappointed.  

T N Seetharam, the maker of the show, saying that he was forced to take the show off the air as the Flowers Super that aired the show has been shut temporarily due to the financial crisis fuelled by the Covid-19 lockdown.  

The last episode of the popular Kannada TV serial Magalu Janaki aired on Friday night with director TN Seetharam’s announcement about the abrupt end of the serial. Friday's was the 470th episode of the soap opera which was aired on weekdays for the last two years since July 2018.

"We haven’t been shooting for Magalu Janaki after the lockdown was imposed. The way the audience received the show was unprecedented. I have made many TV serials, and audiences have watched them with interest and excitement. But the viewers and the artists who worked on the show considered Magalu Janaki to be a daughter of their own homes," News Minute quoted the director as saying.

Magalu Janaki revolves around Janaki, an independent girl who meets her estranged father after 20 years. The emotional bond between the daughter and father forms the crux of the show. It had recently introduced a coronavirus-related storyline through a news broadcast announcing the lockdown as the characters on the show reacted to the developments.

"I thank the audience that discussed this show with so much love. I thank Colors Super and the group and the artists who I want to apologise to too. There are a few things related to the plot that we cannot complete unfortunately. Even though artists are ready, we have had to stop it," Seetharam said.

TSeetharam, popularly known as CSP, who is famous for his iconic lawyer roles in many serials, has played the role of Janaki's father who is a lawyer, yet again. Actress Ganavi is seen playing the lead role of Janaki. The other cast of the serial consists of Mandya Ravi, D C Kitty, Sudhar Belawadi, Aishwarya Rangarajan, and many others.

Image Credit: News Minute

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