Gap between active and discharged cases of COVID-19 on the rise in Karnataka

South India

Steady rise in the number of people coming from Maharashtra testing positive for Covid-19 is worrying the health authorities in the state. 

The gap between the number of active coronavirus patients and discharged cases in Karnataka is rising steadily with the state reporting 75 fresh cases on Thursday.  

With this the number of active cases in the state has gone up to 1663 as against 809 cases of recovery and discharge. The state had an equal number of active and discharged cases when the lockdown was in full force and inter-state travel remained suspended.

However, the number of active cases has started rising following flow of international and inter-state passengers to the state. Out of 75 fresh cases reported till noon on Thursday, as many 52 persons who tested positive are those who came from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

The number of cases with travel history reported on Wednesday (May 27) was 124 out of 135 new cases. Incidentally, the 135 cases reported in the state yesterday was the state’s highest single day spike.

Of the 124 people with travel history, 115 were from Maharashtra. The rest were from Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and Delhi. One person had a history of inter-district travel.

Travellers from Maharashtra are the major source of concern for the state. Of the 52 cases reported with travel history on Thursday, 46 are from Maharashtra and six from Tamil Nadu.

Image Credit: Financial Express


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