Head on Collision: Save Our Scalps

South India

THIRUVARUR: Each day, around 28 people met the bike accidents in the Thiruvarur, one of the 32 districts in the Tamil Nadu state of India were the Central University of Tamil Nadu locates. It shows the need for more development and progress in traffic rules. The usage of helmet seems to be make strict in the district. Authorities are less cared of the issue.

Dr.Arun Kumar, ARRMO, Government Medical College, Thiruvarur said, “Here, daily approximately 28 cases are coming with the head injury in the road accident .The ultimate reason is that they are not using helmet. Most of the people after using alcohol, they don’t even bother to take care of their health. They are not aware of it. After the decline in alcohol shops in the town, accident rates are also indirectly affecting. It becomes decrease.

In 2015, TamilNadu registered a total of 69,059 road accident cases. The data recorded by the ministry of Road Transport and Highways noted that 15,642 fatalities occurred to road accidents in the state and it is a destination Tamil Nadu cannot be proud of. The state leads the country in the total number of road accidents.

Many youngsters drive vehicles in a rash and negligent manner leading to accidents. In many cases, youngsters mix drinking and driving.

“Here, even in our student’s hostel, they won’t use helmet properly. By keeping cctv camera. We will found them and fine them. The fund at last will be used in students’ welfare fund. We support every step to save a single life. It’s precious.” Dr. Arun added.

“I strongly recommend wearing helmets.  Helmets are useful as safety gear to prevent injuries in an uncontrolled environment. If you can't prevent a crash or impact, but you know it will occur, a helmet can prevent or minimize injury to the head and brain.” Opined, Mahalakshmi, Sub inspector.

When an interaction with people around the district on the usage of helmet issue, a wide variety of response came up and some were mind blogging.

“In a month nearly 5 or 6 bikes come in full damage due to bike accidents .There will be full repair work for it.  Personally, I prefer wearing helmets.” Said the owner of Darmajan Autoworkshop,Thiruvar.

“I prefer helmets for long journey. Using Helmet is good, but for me, the spectacles cause disturbance while driving. So I avoid using helmet for going nearby places.” said, M.Udayakumar, Special SP, District Superintend of police, Thiruvarur sub division, Vilamal

Dr.Lokesh Kumar, House surgeon, Government Medical College Thiruvarur opined that “Most of the accident cases coming here are the lack of awareness about helmet usage. They are giving it’s as a last priority. Accident always hurts. But safety doesn’t. The awareness should compulsory spread to the people. Still they believe that a hair fall is the biggest problem than blood drops from the head. The situation is worse ’’

Vijay and Deepalakshmi (family) who rode the bike without helmet said , ‘’ In our family, we both drive two wheeler .To be frank,  we use helmet only for long drives, since here is nobody to question us and wearing helmet increases hair fall, Deepa added.

On the other side, Manirasan (degree student) from  Peralam said “when we  saw police officers, we usually escape from their sight. I don’t wear helmets and it’s very easy to wander here without helmets,”

Bhasati Mohan, Peralam said, “I have helmet with me, but most of the time, it’s not being used’’

Thyagarajan, told, ‘In my opinion helmet can play a double role. It saves the life of people. As well as, it can increase and support robbery. People who robe gold and other precious items can easily hide their face and escape. Hence helmet can play a worse role.’

‘‘As street lights are not working properly near the route. The light from vehicles hits the front mirror. So it’s very difficult to wear helmet during the night time. Mostly I use helmets during day time” said Sreelatha.

Sasi Kumar, Assistant Security Officer-in charge, Government Medical College, Thiruvarur told "Helmets are for everyone's safety. The figures of road accident increasing each year clearly show the importance of wearing helmets. It is not just enforcement for the sake of enforcement," said P. Sasi Kumar

Karthikesan, Head constable, Superintendent of police, Thiruvarur opined “When I speak on statistics, between January to August 2017, 3505 helmet cases are filled in the station. As part of the punishment we file Rs.100 from the person.  Wearing a helmet, while riding a bike, is as important as learning how to ride a bike. The helmet ensures the safety from any brain injury caused by accidents while biking.”

It seems the need for bringing the usage of helmet in the area seems to be very urgent. Moreover, people are not aware of the adversely affect of not using the helmet. Even though they are aware about it, they are not taking it as serious.


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