India extends COVID-19 lockdown till May 3



Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced extension of lockdown in the country till May 3.

Announcing the nation, the Prime Minister said that this measure was required to prevent the pandemic spreading to new areas. He said that the government had taken the decision in consultation with chief ministers and other stakeholders.

The first phase of lockdown announced by the Prime Minister on March 24 ended on Tuesday, April 14.

The Prime Minister pointed out that India could contain the spread of the virus to a great extent compared to other countries because of the preventive measures it took. He pointed out that the government had started screening passengers from affected countries even before infection started in the country.

The government announced the lockdown immediately after infection was reported in the country. He hoped that the country would be able to check the spread with the further extension of the lockdown.

Image Credit: AIR 

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