India to spare military healthcare professional for UAE, Kuwait


The decision is in response to requests received from UAE and Kuwait. Several other countries have also apaproached India for sending doctors, nurses and parameics. 

The government of India has accepted in principle requests from some countries including United Arab Emirates and Kuwait to send doctors and paramedics to help them fight the Covid-19 outbreak, according to a report in Hindustan Times.

To begin with, the government has decided to send retired military doctors, nurses and technicians to UAE and Kuwait, where more than four million Indians work. The government had earlier send a 15-member military rapid response team to Kuwait.

There are also similar requests pending from Mauritius and Comoros, the archipelago off Africa’s east coast Comoros that are battling the disease. The government has decided to deploy military’s rapid response teams comprising military doctors, nurses and other paramedics in these countries as a short-term measure.  

Other Gulf countries have also approached the government for medical assistance. They are expected to send formal requests shortly.

The HT report quoting senior officials said that the foreign ministry and the armed forces are still working out the mechanics of how the medical teams for Kuwait and UAE would be constituted.

The government is planning to invite option from healthcare professionals, who are ready to take up this assignment abroad.

A top military official told Hindustan Times, about 100 doctors, 30-40 nurses and a few hundred paramedics retire from the Army Medical Corps every year on an average.

The government is not prepared to spare serving government doctors at this time considering the healthcare requirements of people in India.

Image Credit: News Vibes of India

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