India turns focus on 10 COVID-19 hotspots across the country


India has identified 10 hotspots and has turned focus on them in its fight against coronavirus pandemic 

India is focusing its attention on 10 hotspots across the country in its effort to control the coronavirus pandemic, which has so far infected about 1700 people and claimed 38 lives.

There are two Covid-19 hotspots each in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala and Maharashtra and one each in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

According to reports, these hotspots are Dilshad Garden and Nizamuddin in Delhi, Noida and Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, Bhilwara in Rajasthan, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Kasargod and Pathanamthitta in Kerala, as well as Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra.

The infection in many of these places are linked to the Tablighi Jamaat congregation held at Delhi’s Nizamuddin earlier in March. As many as 24 people who attended the Tablighi Jamaat have tested positive for COVID-19.

1,800 people related to Tablighi Jamaat have been sent to nine hospitals and quarantine centers. The health ministry has released a list of the new confirmed coronavirus cases due to the transit-related history of Tablighi Jamaat workers in the country.

They are 23 in Jammu and Kashmir, 20 in Telangana, 17 in Andhra Pradesh, nine in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 65 cases in Tamil Nadu, 18 in Delhi and 2 in Puducherry.

Fears have mounted that thousands of participants of the religious gathering are known to have returned to their homes in virtually every state including Telangana, West Bengal, Karnataka and Gujarat. Many of these states have reported COVID-19 cases linked to this congregation.

The health ministry on Wednesday said that so far, 1,637 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in India, including 386 new positive cases since Tuesday.

The statement also said that 38 people have died and 132 people have recovered. "The number of positive cases have gone since Tuesday and one of the main reasons for it is the travel by members of Tablighi Jamat," the statement said.

The coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 800,000 people all over the world, with the global death toll crossing 40,000. The total number of deaths in the US with the 3,400 deaths from Covid-19 has surpassed China’s official toll of 3,305. Close to 175,000 have been infected across the United States. The US, Italy, Spain, China and Germany are now the five most affected countries in terms of number of confirmed cases (with inputs from PTI and IANS).

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