Inscription from Rajendra Chola era found in lake

South India

TRICHY: A 48cm wide and 69cmhigh inscribed stone slab, has founded by villagers while they are clearing a used pond at Kottarapatti near Pathalpettal union in killiyur. Finding an inscription from the Cholen era in the central region is very common, but finding inscriptions from the period of Ranjendrachola III’s reign, who was the last king of Chola dynasty, are rare as per the talks by the experts.

K Balakrishnan, an ornithologist was informed of the slab being found when two persons who visited the village for bird watching. He sought the help of Dr.M Rajamanikkanar of the centre for historical research to decipher the inscription on the slab. The slab is engraved in Tamil and has 10 lines. But other than one or two letters in the sixth line, the rest is undamaged and continuous with a meaningful message. A figure of a dog standing is engraved below the inscription.  Another slab, which was half buried, had a trident symbol; it could be a boundary stone of land gifted to a Shiva temple, according to the ornithologist.

“The epigraph registers the digging of an irrigation channel by Manasaya Dandanayakar, one of the prime government officials of Ranjendara chola III during the third regional year of the king in the eastern division of chenthamaraikkanna nallur under karanapparu, the record. States the channel was flowing towards the north of the village, irrigating surrounding land’’ he added.’’ The presiding deity of the perumal temple, also known as periyasarikoyil at thiruvellarai, is mentioned in inscriptions as chenthamaraikkannan.  Many villages on either side of the Cauvery were named after this deity in the Chola period and are mentioned in the records as chenthamaraikkana nallur of karanapparru was also one such village and probably had land gifted to the god at Thiruvellarai’’

To preserve the powerful history, villagers have requested the slab be moved to the government museum. It should be viewed by the coming generations.

In southern India, the Chola dynasty was one of the longest ruling dynasties. Inscriptions from the 3rd century BCE left by Ashoka, of the Maurya Empire are the references of this Tamil dynasty. The heartland of the cholas were the fertile valley of the Kaveri river, but they ruled a significantly larger area at the height of their power from the latter half of the 9th century till the beginning of  the 13 the century.

As per the history records, In 1246 CE, Rajaraja Chola III has come to the Chola throne and Ranjendra Chola III was the son of him. With the presence of his father onwards, Rajendra began to do the administration power.

There were no confirmed reports of Rajendra Chola III that had been killed in the battle.

It’s really authentic to get an inscription of slab, that belong to such a powerful dynasties that had existed .It will make more aware about the strength of Tamil literature and the era. To know history is to know the life.

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